Critically Acclaimed “Animal Antics A to Z” Comes to FarFaria!

Greetings rambunctious readers!

We here at FarFaria are very excited to bring to you our latest feature series from Kane Press, “Animal Antics A to Z”! You’ll meet a new friend every week from Alexander Anteater to Zachary Zebra in this fun and educational alphabet series.


Winner of a Teachers’ Choice Award for Children’s Books in 2011 and a Teachers’ Choice Award for the Family in 2012, this acclaimed series has garnered praise for being as captivating as they are enriching.

What are people saying about Animal Antics A to Z?

“A great product for any class learning about letters!” — Learning Magazine, host of the Teachers’ Choice Awards.

“Animal Antics A to Z is a superior alphabet series. The whimsical characters…will have children smiling, [and] laughing…while learning to recognize letter sounds. A delightful and thoroughly original way to supercharge beginning readers.” — Roger Farr, Past President of the International Reading Association

“Each alliterative story focuses on a single phoneme or letter sound…The texts are long for beginning readers, and the vocabulary is quite mature, which is necessary to include all the examples of the letter sounds. Children will enjoy hearing these stories read aloud.” — School Library Journal

“This splendid series lets little learners listen for letter sounds in lively literature! Animal Antics will engage children and encourage them to play with the sounds that make up words.” —Nancy L. Roser, Professor of Language and Literacy Studies, University of Texas


“Very original! Children will have fun discovering the alliterative words as they listen to the stories. The memorable characters and lively pictures have great kid appeal.” —Madeline Gilbert, Librarian/Teacher, Mamaroneck Avenue School



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Find out more about Kane Press and Animal Antics A to Z here.


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Keep the Summer Brain Gain Going!

Our two-week Summer Brain Gain campaign encouraged families across the country to read more this summer. But we’re not calling it quits just yet. Your family can keep the Brain Gain going all summer long. 


You’ll be able to find our Summer Brain Gain picks in FarFaria until the end of August. Just look for the Brainy Book or Just for Fun Fiction badge on our book covers. You can also find our full list of Brainy Book and Just for Fun Fiction titles on our blog.


Already read all our Brain Gain favorites? Not to worry. FarFaria has over 750 books to choose from.


Why is Summer Brian Gain Important?

Research shows that the average student loses 2.6 months of math and reading skills during summer vacation. Reading just 6 books over the break can help reduce the effect of summer brain drain. For more nifty facts about brain drain and what you can do to fight it, check out FarFaria’s handy info graphic.



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By Golly! It’s Brainy Book Week

Welcome to week two of Summer Brain Gain. Continue your summer reading adventure with our best Brainy Books, a collection of our favorite nonfiction, math, and biographies.

You can quickly find our summer picks while exploring the FarFaria HOME screen. Or just look for the Summer Brain Gain badge on the cover of your favorite stories.

Early Explorer

It’s never too early to start telling time. Early readers grades K to 2 will have fun interacting with I Can Tell Time.


Reading Ranger

Amelia Earhart will not only inspire older readers (grades 2 to 4) to dream big, but it will also teach them the history of a great American hero.


See all the books on our Brainy Book reading list and learn more about Summer Brain Gain here.


Brainy Book Reading List

Our Brainy Book summer reading list is a collection of our favorite math, science, and history books. Read them with your kids this summer and start making Brain Gains!

Reading Rangers (Grade 2-4)

  1. Amelia Earhart Celebrate the life of the great American hero Amelia Earhart.
  2. Jesse Owens: Never Give Up
  3. Betsy Ross
  4. Einstein’s Compass
  5. Know it Alls: MummiesOur newest high interest nonfiction book from TwinSisters is perfect for keeping kids reading over vacation. 
  6. Rocks
  7. Pluto the Lonely Dwarf Planet - Kids learn amazing facts about our universe with this exciting narrative that’s out this world.
  8. Zad and Bob Discover Earth
  9. Seahorses
  10. Amphibians


Early Explorers (Grades K-2)

  1. Mouse Math: A Beach for AlbertFarFaria’s Mouse Math series from Kane Press keeps young minds active over the break.
  2. I Can Tell Time
  3. Hamsters Holding Hands
  4. Find it! Shapes
  5. Animals Antics: Corky Cub’s Crazy Caps - New this summer! This whimsical new series teaches young readers letter sounds.
  6. Who is in My Family
  7. Into Outer SpaceTake a trip to outer space with real astronauts in this nonfiction photo book.
  8. Bats
  9. Cheetahs
  10. Rescue Ready



Summer Brain Gain: Just for Fun Fiction Week!

FarFaria is super excited to kickoff  Summer Brain Gain. Today we launch our two-week campaign featuring Just for Fun Fiction Week. Look for the “Just for Fun” badge on any of our books or visit the in-app home page to find the full reading list.

Early Explorer: Children grades K to 2 will enjoy stories about kindness, princesses and more. Start your Brain Gain journey with one of our favorites Otis and Mango - a story of best friends who love to explore the outdoors.

Reading Ranger: Older kids, grades 2 to 4 will love Zombie Elementary: Brains for Lunch. The fourth book in our popular series, this story highlights what it is like to be the new ghoul at school.

Want to see all the books on our Just for Fun reading list? Learn more about Summer Brain Gain here.


Vive la France!

Tomorrow in France, our friends across the pond celebrate their national independence day. Every year on the 14th of July, the French commemorate the beginning of the French Revolution and the storming of the Bastille. In Paris this holiday known as Bastille Day opens with an elaborate military parade that marches across the city. The day ends with an incredible display of fireworks, music and lights at the Eifel Tower. It is really quite a spectacular experience.



Want to celebrate Bastille Day in your house? 

Bonjour Breakfast

Start your morning with a traditional French crepe – tell the kids that “crepe” is just a fancy French word for pancake and they’ll gobble it up! Try this easy Epicurious recipe. Make it  even yummier by adding fresh fruit. 

Read a French Classic 

Tomorrow FarFaria publishes The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It’s not only a great classic tale, but also a great human story. 

Transport to Paris

In years past you have been able to live stream the magnificent Eifel Tower fireworks. Rumor has it that this year you can enjoy the 2014 show live on the Que Faire A Paris? website. Just tune in at 11PM Paris time and brace yourself for 35 minutes of awesomeness!

Happy Bastille Day everyone! 


FarFaria’s Summer Brain Gain Kicks Off Monday

Is “Brain Drain” turning your child’s mind to mush? Will the “Summer Slide” destroy your Kindergartener’s chances for an Ivy League education? FarFaria says: Stop the Madness! Let’s stop scaring parents and start helping kids.

FarFaria’s two-week Summer Brain Gain keeps kids reading during the peak of summer vacation with a great collection of 40 books for readers at all levels. Each week our in-app home page will feature a different great set of books for Early Explorers (prefect for grades K-2) and Reading Rangers (just right for grades 2 to 4).

July 14th: Just for Fun Fiction
During the week of July 14th readers can discover our top fiction stories for summer, including the release of the latest book in the Monster Club series “The Sandman Sleepover.”

July 21st: Brainy Books
Read our best Brainy Books, a collection of our favorite nonfiction, math, and biographies.

You’ll also be able to quickly find our summer picks while exploring FarFaria. Just look for the Summer Brain Gain badge on the cover of your favorite stories.

So say “goodbye” to Brain Drain and let the Gains begin!