Be FAZ-tastic with FarFaria’s New Common Core-aligned Reading Level System

FarFaria’s newest feature FAZ, a Common Core-aligned A-to-Z Reading Level System, is one of our most exciting updates to date!  Available in FarFaria 3.5, the FAZ system was created to help children excel in reading.  


Why FAZ?

FAZ takes the guesswork out of how to find books at the right reading levels. When children pick books that are too easy, they aren’t challenged enough. When children pick books that are too hard, reading becomes a frustrating experience. FAZ makes reading a fun and worthwhile experience for readers of all levels, while strengthening reading ability.


All About FAZ

The FAZ reading level system encompasses all 800+ books in FarFaria’s library. Books are independently reviewed by MetaMetrics to ensure accurate measurement of book complexity, allowing teachers and parents to easily track children’s reading progress.


FAZ reading level badges are prominently displayed on the cover of all FarFaria books. Tapping the badge will provide users with detailed information about a specific book, including Lexile Measurement and word count. Additionally, users will find information about how each grade level band is defined and what skills young readers should be mastering.



FAZ is…

  • Comprehensive: All 800+ books in FarFaria’s library are thoroughly reviewed by reading specialists and measured on a number of qualitative and quantitative criteria.
  • Informative: Detailed information about how texts are measured, including Lexile text measures and word count, are provided in each book.
  • Intuitive: FarFaria’s Common Core-aligned reading levels clearly correlate to a specific grade levels, making the system easy to use and understand.

Download the latest version of FarFaria and see your child become a FAZ-tastic Reader!


Celebrate Your Family’s Culture for Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15th marked the start of Hispanic Heritage Month. It’s a great time to honor our country’s Hispanic heritage. And it’s also a great reminder to all of us to celebrate what makes each of our families unique.

This September, make it a point to find out more about your family’s cultural history and heritage. Then, learn about a different culture’s customs and traditions. You may be surprised to learn about the things many cultures share.

For inspiration, here are a few simple ideas:

  • Host a potluck with your friends! Encourage each family to bring dishes and games that represent their respective cultures for a fun, easy play date!
  • Travel without leaving the house through a good book! Read folktales or about cultural figures to learn more about your cultural history.
  • Turn your family history into an original story! Ask grandparents, uncles, and aunts about their lives and write stories based off of their experiences. If it’s a great children’s story, send it to editors@FarFaria.com and you might just see it in FarFaria!

Looking for some books for Hispanic Heritage month? Here are just a few of our favorites that highlight this rich culture:


Happy reading!


Meet Your New Book Club Buddies!

FarFaria’s Book Club let’s you connect with friends to share your favorite stories. A few of our famous FarFarians have offered a helping hand to get you started. Meet Mia, Micah, and Ashipattle: your new Book Club buddies.

Meet Ashipattle


Name: Ashipattle Farmerson

About me: Hi FarFarian! My name is Ashipattle. I love going on adventures, whether it’s in real life or with a good book. I can’t wait to be Book Club buddies with you!

What I want to be when I grow up: Scotland’s greatest king

My hometown: Lerwick, Scotland

Favorite book: Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow

Favorite animal: Icelandic sheepdog

Favorite food: Haggis pizza

Hobbies: Sailing, reading, traveling, farming, fighting sea monsters

Meet Mia


Name: Mia Martinez

About me: Hi! My name is Mia, and I am a fairy. I like books about people helping others. I also like fairy tales. I especially love when the princess is the hero! See you in Book Club.

What I want to be when I grow up: A Fairy Princess

My hometown:  Fairytale Falls

Favorite book: The Wooly Coat

Favorite animal: Unicorn

Favorite food: Snap peas

Hobbies: Flying, helping others, wand practice, reading

Meet Micah


Name: Micah Monster

About me: Hi, I’m Micah.  I love reading, and I know you do too! What’s your favorite monster story? Let me know and I’ll add it to my Book Club Favorites!

What I want to be when I grow up: Mayor of Monsterville

My hometown: Monsterville, Colorado

Favorite book: Time to Clean Up

Favorite animal: Snorgleblumpkin

Favorite food: Broccoli

Hobbies: Reading, taking baths, going to kindergarten, learning new things

Download the latest version of FarFaria on your iPad or iPhone to meet your new friends. Then, follow these easy steps to join FarFaria’s Book Club.

How to Join FarFaria’s Book Club

  1. Tap the Book Club banner on FarFaria’s in-app homepage. You can also tap the Book Club icon in the top right corner!
  2. Click “Connect and Join” to log in to Book Club with your Facebook account. If you have not already done so, you will need to give FarFaria permission to access your Facebook account.

It’s that easy. Invite your friends to start sharing your favorite stories and get recommendations from your new Book Club friends!

Book Club not for you? You can opt in or out of Book Club at any time via the Parents section of FarFaria.

Happy reading from Ashipattle, Mia, and Micah!


Three Amazing New Features in FarFaria 3.3

FarFaria version 3.3 is here with not one, not two, but THREE great new features that make discovering the books your family loves easier than ever!

#1: Search

Search by title, genre, or keyword to find the right books, right away. It’s the fastest way to find the perfect story, and it’s easy to use. Simply tap the magnifying glass on the top-left corner of FarFaria’s home screen, enter the search term you want to use, and voila! A list of books fitting your criteria instantly appears!

  • Teachers, use Search to match books to lesson plans or in-class activities.
  • Parents, use Search as a parenting tool to find books related to life lessons and new experiences.
  • Kids, use Search to find your favorite authors, artists, and characters.


#2: FarFaria’s Book Club

FarFaria’s Book Club let’s you connect with friends to share your family’s Favorite books. See what friends are reading and get recommendations from FarFaria’s favorite characters to discover more amazing books for your family.

Parents, join Book Club by connecting FarFaria to your Facebook account. Then access Book Club anytime. Just look for the Book Club logo on the top right corner of FarFaria’s home page.

Join Book Club today because reading is more fun with friends!


#3: Recently Read

Want to re-read the great book you read last night but forgot to save it to Favorites? Didn’t have time to finish the new book you started? Find them in FarFaria’s new Recently Read section on the in-app home page.

Recently Read saves the last 10 books you read, making them readily accessible for the next story time.


Three new features means three awesome new ways to make story time better than ever. Download the latest and greatest version of FarFaria today to get these and more updates.

Have questions? Email us anytime at feedback@FarFaria.com.

Happy searching, sharing, and, most importantly, happy reading!


Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your New Feature App!

Hey there, FarFarians!

Today we’re rolling out a brand new stand-alone app featuring one of our most popular stories, “Rapunzel”! You can download “Rapunzel” now on any iOS device and take this story to read with you as many times as you’d like, wherever you go.

The “Rapunzel” story app is a great way to share all of FarFaria’s amazing features with your family and friends. With full Read-to-Me features, auto-play, original artwork, and story recommendations, we’re sure that “Rapunzel” will be a hit with prospective FarFarians everywhere.

You can download “Rapunzel” for iPhone and iPad for free here.

Don’t forget to rate the app and let us know what you think! We hope you enjoy this very special feature story, “Rapunzel.”

Happy reading!


Homework Remedies for Busy FarFarians!

Homework is often a daily struggle for children and parents alike. Motivating kids to sit down and do homework can quickly turn into a tiresome exercise in arguing, pleading, and bargaining. Instead of turning the school workload into a family struggle, teach your children about the inherent value of learning so that they become self-motivated enough to work on their own.



Make sure to offer justifiable, concrete reasons when you are inevitably asked, “Why do I need to do my homework?” For children, homework accomplishes several objectives, including:

  • Reinforcing ideas learned in class.
  • Improving time-management skills.
  • Developing study and work habits that are used as they grow older.

Knowing the key purposes of homework is the first step to creating intrinsic motivation in young students.


Incentivizing homework completion does not properly teach your children to study for their own benefit. It teaches decision-making dependency and shows your child that they can bargain for things they want.

Instead, set up a creative study-space at home for your kids. Having a vibrant, organized workspace will make it easier for kids to focus. If your kids are in the habit of turning on the TV right after school, break the habit with something more educational such as reading.

Set up a large calendar or whiteboard in your children’s study-space and help them break homework into manageable chunks. For example, have specific parts of the hour dedicated to different subjects. Be sure to include several breaks so that they don’t have to do all of their work in one sitting.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the decision to do homework should be based upon a child’s self-driven desire to do well in school. Motivation and encouragement can go a long way, whereas nagging and fighting can often lead to power struggles. Be supportive of your child’s study habits and create a structure for them to work with. After that, the rest should be up to them.

Happy reading and happy homework!


Musical Monday: Talk, Read, Sing

As you know reading, talking, and singing to your child are some of the best (and easiest) ways to stimulate early cognitive development. Research shows that parents who read aloud, sing or simply talk to their children are setting their children up for future success. Recently, Too Small Too Fail kicked off “Teaching is Talking: Talk, Read, Sing”, a new Bay Area initiative which spreads awareness about the importance of talking, reading, and singing to young children.

Talk, Read, Sing is a community wide multimedia campaign that helps parents identify the simple steps they can take to ensure lifelong success for their children. Billboards, posters, and others reminders will soon pop-up around the Bay Area with one clear-cut message: Let’s Talk. Whether you’re standing at the bus stop, waiting in line at the grocery store, or cooking dinner at home, talking about the activity with your child will have a profound impact, especially for children under age 3.

You can find a great list of resources from the Talk, Read, Sing website. The list of activities are broken down by age group, so no matter the age of your child you can find something to help get you started. If you’re looking for a reminder that’s a little more fashionable check out the adorable line of baby clothes created specifically for the initiative by Oaklandish


And don’t forget to talk, read, and sing to your child with FarFaria. Sing Along City is perfect for eager readers and future musicians, and unlimited reading of our books provides endless read aloud opportunities for your family.

Happy talking, reading and singing!    

Too Small to Fail is a joint initiative of the Clinton Foundation and Next Generation that aims to further children’s education through scientific, economic, and sociologic outreach. Started by former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton in 2013, Too Small to Fail has spearheaded multiple campaigns advocating the importance of early child development and community investment in raising young children. Find out more about Too Small to Fail here.


Back to School Shopping Made Easy!

It’s that time of year again! Time to restock your school year supply of crayons, markers, lunch boxes, watercolors, glue sticks, erasers, binders, and backpacks. With the help of Amazon.com we’ve made this year’s back to school shopping a breeze.

We found the highest rated supplies at the most affordable prices, and separated them into Wish Lists by grade. That means you can quickly find the best and most affordable supplies for all of your kids. 

Add the items that you need directly to your shopping cart, check out and viola! Back to school shopping completed. You won’t even need to leave the house.

Back to School Shopping Lists

Pre-K through 1st grade shopping list

2nd grade through 5th grade shopping list


Lunch Supplies

Happy shopping!