FarFaria’s Easter Number Hunt

Happy Easter to all of our FarFaria Friends and Families!

We hope that your family has been all of our new stories. In addition to our great new Easter stories, we have something egg-tra special for our rock star readers: Easter coloring pages!

Have your very own Easter hunt with FarFaria’s Easter Number Hunt coloring pages. Young readers learn to count while having a mini-adventure hunting for the items in our hidden picture coloring pages.

Download and share all three coloring pages today. Post photos of your completed coloring pages on our Facebook wall to get some great FarFaria swag.

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And don’t forget to read FarFaria’s newest book “Easter Number Hunt.

Happy Easter Reading!


What’s the Buzz?

There is always something new happening in FarFaria. This past month we published some exciting new stories, announced some brand new partnerships, and participated in some fabulous giveaways.

In case you missed it, find out what the buzz in FarFaria is all about!

FarFaria Partners with Famigo
FarFaria has joined forces with Famigo to provide even more families with the opportunity to read more, anytime, anywhere.

"We are on a mission to make reading more accessible and more fun for children, and Famigo provides an excellent opportunity to do so in a safe environment," said Ajay Godhwani, Co-Founder and CEO of FarFaria. “This partnership makes it easy for parents to leverage technology to take family-approved, educational books everywhere they go."

Famigo is a one-stop shop and provides families with a safe mobile environment for their kids, and we are proud to have our stories included in this great product. Learn more about Famigo and FarFaria here.

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Enter and Win!
Our mommy blogger fans have given our readers some great opportunities to win a subscription to FarFaria. Read their wonderful reviews, then enter for your chance to win today!

“This is one epic app. It is one of the first apps I’ve seen designed to expand with children as they grow and change. This is an app that could very easily become a part of the family and a wonderful traveling library for kids and the family. ”


“If your kids don’t really love books, FarFaria is your chance to get them into books!”

-Babylish Advice

“I’ve tried Reading Rainbow, MeeGenius, NOOK kids, and couple other book apps, but FarFaria is my new favorite and most likely the only book app program I will use again.”

-Bender’s Bunch

We were even selected as App Newser’s App of the Week!

Oh and our CTO made the cover of Vogue Magazine (just kidding).

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Now that’s a whole lot of buzz! Keep your family in the loop about the latest and greatest from FarFaria. Like us on Facebook, subscribe to our Blog, and download FarFaria today!


What’s Your Irish Name?

Top O’ the Morning FarFarians!

Every wonder what your name would be if you were from Ireland? Create your own Irish name with this fun game! Here is how it works:

Step 1: Choose a First Name!
Find the first letter of your real first name below. Find the Irish first name that lines up with that letter.
My first name starts with K. My Irish first name is Kael.

Step 2: Choose a Last Name!
Find the month of your birthday below. Find the Irish last name that lines up with that month.
I am born in March. My Irish last name is Byrne.

Step 3: Discover Your Irish Name!
Take your name from the first list and combine it with the name from the second list.
My Irish name is Kael Byrne. It means Slender Bird! Awesome!

great african americans

Think you have the best Irish name? Share yours with FarFaria on Facebook.

Download FarFaria to find some great Saint Patrick Day stories! Maybe your Leprechaun Name will appear in one!


3 Tips to Ease Homework Stress

When the school bell rings, pandemonium ensues. Hundreds of little bodies swarm out of school, eager to get home. Once home they’re probably more interested in playing a game or watching TV than sitting down for a homework session. Here are some tips to help ease homework stress.

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The T.V. Transition
If you have a hard time tearing your kid away from the television once it’s time to do homework, it may be time to switch up the routine. Replace after school TV time with story time. An entertaining and engaging story can be the perfect way to transition into study time.

Stick with it on the Weekend
It’s easy for kids to zone out and throw school out the window once Friday afternoon hits (heck, adults do it, too!). But letting weekends go unstructured makes going back to school on Monday that much more painful. Allow your kids to relax and have fun on the weekends, but make time for studies as well.

Year-Round Routines
Spring Break is on the horizon and summer will be here before we know it. These kinds of interruptions means it is important to establish and maintain good study habits at home year-round. During the breaks, be sure to incorporate plenty of educational activities, field trips, and, of course, reading!

Tell us about your after school routines. Post on our blog or Facebook page to share your parenting tips with FarFaria.

Happy Reading!


Meet FarFaria’s First Kid Author Emma!

Greetings Explorers!

We are excited to announce the publication of our first story written for kids, by kids! Read “Emma’s Pink and Purple Fluffy Afternoon”, written by 8-year old Emma in FarFaria today!

Emma wrote her new story when she was in the third grade as part of a class assignment. And today it is published for the world to read! We were so inspired by Emma’s creativity that we decided to make Emma FarFaria’s February Contributor of the Month. Congratulations Emma!

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About Emma
We asked Emma a few questions about where she gets her great ideas. Check out what she had to say…

Have you written any other stories?
“I love to write. I write all the time. I wrote an autobiography called “All About Me””

What is your favorite book?
“My favorite book so far is called ‘Gabby Lost and Found’ by Angela Cervantes.”

What do you want to be when you grow up?
“I want to be an Olympic track runner, a dance teacher, and an author.”

Emma’s words of wisdom:
“Follow your dreams. Never give up when times get rough. Always stay positive.”

Special thanks to Emma and her family for the wonderful new story!

Is there a young author in your life with some great stories? Send your child’s story to Editors@FarFaria.com for a chance to be selected as FarFaria’s next book for kids by kids.

Happy Reading!


Spread the Love with Valentines from FarFaria

Are you looking for those “just right” cards to hand out this year? Not to worry! FarFaria has the perfect Valentine for everyone on your list.

Download and print FarFaria’s Valentines today. Share your special Valentine’s Day wishes with friends and family. We’d love to see them too. Let us know how you will be spreading love this Valentine’s Day by posting on our Facebook wall.

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Make your Valentine feel extra special and buy them a gift subscription to FarFaria. For a limited time get 10% off your gift subscription when you use the coupon code NABEAR14 at checkout.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


FarFaria Wins 2014 Family Choice Award

We are thrilled to announce that FarFaria is now a two-time Family Choice Award Winner!

Family Choice Award - FarFaria 2014

The “Family Choice Award” recognizes excellence in children’s and parenting products. Families and educators have revered this trusted seal of approval for over 18 years. Educators, parents, children, and other professionals rigorously review products to ensure that only the best of the best are selected.* FarFaria is honored to be included in the elite group of 2014 Family Choice Award winners.

Winning the Family Choice Award means a job well done, but it does not mean that our job is done. FarFaria promises to continue to achieve excellence for you and your family. We will bring you even more great features and more great stories to ensure that your family’s story time is the perfect story time.

Find out what makes FarFaria a Family Choice Award winner. Download FarFaria today.

*For more information about the Family Choice Award judging process and criteria please see: www.familychoiceawards.com


FarFaria Partners with North American Bear Company

FarFaria is excited to announce our newest partnership with the award winning toy manufacturer, North American Bear Company. Today, we are publishing North American Bear’s first original digital children’s books The Baby is Coming and Hush Little Baby. To celebrate, FarFaria and North American Bear are giving users some awesome discounts!

Written by North American Bear’s founder Barbara Isenberg, The Baby is Coming was inspired by the countless customer reviews and mommy blogger testimonials about the company’s best selling ROSY CHEEKS BABY DOLL. Hush Little Baby, in the digital book format, beautifully captures the unique textural elements offered in North American Bear’s original award-winning soft activity book.

For a limited time, receive FREE SHIPPING from North American Bear Co. when you purchase the toys that inspired these great children’s stories. Visit www.nabear.com and use coupon code FAR14 at checkout.

Read the stories again and again when you buy a gift subscription to FarFaria. Use the coupon code NABEAR14 to get 10% off with your purchase of a gift subscription today.

“North American Bear Company has demonstrated excellence in the field of children’s toys for many years,” says Ajay Godhwani, CEO and Cofounder of Intuary. “We are excited to bring their ideas into the world of digital children’s publishing.”


Inspired by best selling Rosy Cheeks Baby Doll, The Baby is Coming is the perfect story for soon-to-be siblings.


Hush Little Baby, with “textural” graphics and sing-along lyrics, is perfect for nursery rhyme time.

We’d love to hear from you!

Let us know what your family thinks about FarFaria’s new books. Email us any time with your comments at feedback@farfaria.com or post on our Facebook wall.